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Safe Natural Ways to Make Your Vagina Tight Again

It is normal for a woman’s vagina to get loose right from the time she loses her virginity. This looseness is not a problem at first. In fact, most men will love it. However, continued looseness of the vagina due to childbirth and age reduces sensation during sex. At this level, a woman should look for ways of regaining her vagina tightness before it ruins her sexual life. Here are safe natural ways to make your vagina tight again.


exercisesExercising is always a safe way of keeping every part of your body in proper health. In particular, pelvic exercises naturally keep the vagina muscles stronger and therefore tighter. Kegel exercises are the most popular pelvic exercises for tightening the vagina. They work by strengthening mainly the pelvic floor muscles. Kegels can be done anytime anywhere.

If Kegels don’t work for you, pelvic tilts and stretches are other exercises you can try. Vaginal cones have also been used to tighten the vagina. Here, you insert a cone-shaped object into the vagina and try holding it for as long as you can.

You can use Ben-wa balls instead of cones. Other vagina tightening exercise programs include yoga, pelvic stretches, leg ups, and squats. You can also try vaginal weight lifting. It has worked for many women and it may work for you as well.


Very few women know that having an earth-shattering orgasm actually tightens the vagina. Whenever you orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contract. This contraction makes them stronger, thus tightening the vagina.

During sexual intercourse, whether you are on your own or with your partner, you just need to squeeze and relax your pelvic floor muscles a bit when nearing the point of no return. You will not just feel tighter; you will prolong the orgasm. You realize here that you must identify the pelvic floor muscles clearly first for you to play around with them. You can do so by trying to stop peeing for a few seconds.

Eating healthy diets

ApplesThe answer to your loose vagina is in the food you take. If you practice healthy eating habits, you will be in proper sexual health. I will not decide for you what to eat but make sure that you take foods rich in estrogens such as soybeans, fenugreek, yarns, carrots, and apples, to name but a few. Take whole grain carbs and take lean animal proteins.

On top of taking healthy meals all the time, you can also boost your vagina tightening chances by taking some natural herbs like Curcuma comosa and Pueraria Mirifica, among others. However, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before you take these herbs.


In summary, vaginal looseness is not a permanent problem. It is both preventable and curable. There are several vagina looseness myths and you should get your facts right to be on the safe side. There are also several methods of tightening the vagina explained all over, but you should choose a natural method that is safe for you.